How long will my Linx® automation solution last?

Your Linx® automation solution should operate problem free for many years. We provide 10 years warranty on AC motors and 5 years warranty on rechargeable DC motors, although the expected lifespans are much longer . Remote controls will require occasional battery replacement.

Is there any maintenance required?

Your Linx® motor will not require any ongoing maintenance. Remote control handsets/ wall switches and
motion sensors all require periodic battery replacements. Sun/wind sensors are solar powered which may
require a periodic wipe down with warm soapy water with a soft lint free cloth.

Why has my Linx® motor stopped working and later works again?

All units have a built in thermal overload switch. If motor runs for more than 4 minutes continuously it may
disable motor if it overheats for a select period of time. Usually after 20-30 minutes, once motor has cooled
down , the thermal switch will engage and the motor will operate again. This built in safety feature avoids
the motor being permanently damaged. This cycle may repeat itself until motor has the opportunity to
completely cool down which may take up to 2 hours.

How long does the battery in my remote control last?

This varies with how often it is operated but with moderate use it should last 24 months.

Where does the motor go?

The motor is not visible as it is located inside the top roller tube of your blind or awning.

Is there a limit to how big a blind or awning can be for a Linx® automation solution?

Your dealer will advise what is the best Linx® automation solution for your application. Even large span
awnings or blinds can be operated with Linx automation. Linx® is available in several sizes to accommodate
standard to large span awnings.

Can I add a motor and Linx® automation to my already installed blind and awning?

In many cases yes, depending on the compatibility of the existing tube to the motors and the ability to adjust for slightly different lengths compared to the existing chain mechanism. This should always be done by a professional blind installer.


What are the terms of the warranty?

Linx® automation comes with 5 – 10 year warranties against defective parts or workmanship in normal use and service. Exclusions apply.